Blogging about too many things.

UPDATE: I’ve decided to keep on with the two blogs. No more cross posting, but I will link to my new posts over there just in case anyone wants to cross over. Likewise, if I write a personal post on academic culture that is relevant to my science readers, I’ll send them this way. Thanks everyone for the input!

Hey guys! I’ve been really appreciating all of your comments and support here. I’m hoping to keep up writing. However, I have a bit of a problem.

I want a personal-ish blog where I can discuss my personal experiences with various things including academia and mental health, as well as my personal opinions on whatever I feel like writing about.

I also want to write about science, both to get practice/develop my skills in explaining science well to a general audience, and because I think I have some science things to talk about that I think are actually important for you to know.

Those missions aren’t entirely separate, but I also know that most of you are here because  of my personal writing, and may be turned off by finding a bunch of biology research focused posts here.

So here is my question– should I keep my science writing separate, on my other blog? If so, would any of you want me to link to that in case you do want to see it? Should I cross-post in both locations? Or should I just put all my assorted thoughts here and let you choose what you do and do not read?



  1. I would be interested in sciency things as well as mental-health things. And, honestly, I think you could just put “WARNING: SCIENCE CONTENT” in the title of your science posts and the people who wanted to skip them, could. 😀

    Plus, I personally couldn’t imagine trying to write two separate blogs – better, in my mind, to post more frequently on one than less frequently on two.

    Just my two cents. 🙂

  2. I’d vote for the two-blog scenario. I think most people who want personal posts will be confused/turned off by science posts, and vice versa. For the smaller group of people who are interested in both, definitely link to each in the About section of the other, or you could say “science readers, I’ve posted something personal about academia in this other blog, here is the link” when you have posts that may be relevant to both. It’s not like it’s difficult for people to follow two blogs. And if you’re going to be looking for work doing science writing, you’ll want to be able to refer people to a blog that is purely science/professional-type writing.

  3. My 2 cents; I agree with Colonel Hazard. Linking to the science blog here is great, I love reading about any science stuffs, but perhaps it’s best to keep them separate. People coming for the personal won’t be dissuaded by the science links, and then those of us who want to read the science can click to it. (I’ve done so already). Maybe something to keep in mind…nowadays we have to consider our online presence when looking for work. So, if you think you might refer future employers, or whatever, to your science blog for writing samples, or use it in some capacity professionally, how do you feel about them seeing/finding the personal?

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