Want to hear more from me?

Hey, I just wanted to let everyone here know, in case you hadn’t realized this was an option— you can follow my blog on facebook, and you can also follow me on twitter.

I’m not posting this to artificially inflate my follower count–I really only want you to click over if facebook or twitter are a) services you already use and b) places you’d be happy hearing from me.

I mention it only because there are thoughts and links I share via facebook and/or twitter that never make it over here, but would probably be of interest to people who like my posts. I might start a regular link roundup feature in order to somewhat compensate for this, but sometimes things aren’t as relevant a week or two after they’ve been posted. I could spam you with linky-posts on a daily basis, but I’d really rather not do that. Feeling that I must be feeding the blog new content EVERY DAY just makes this more stressful that it’s worth. I’d prefer to keep on as I have been, largely writing when I feel I have something specific to say, and posting links to the places I’m accustomed to sharing links… as I feel inspired to do so.

So, PSA over. If you want to hear my shorter, less edited thoughts + get links to awesome internet finds, twitter or facebook are good ways to do that. Check them out if you feel so moved. Otherwise, carry on.

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