Yay comfy bras!

I apologize in advance, as I know this won’t be relevant to most of you, BUT, I know a few of you resonated with me when I shared my hatred of/struggle with bras. Just in case it might help a few of you out, I thought I’d share a recent find I’d stumbled on that is making me quite happy.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 3.53.01 PM

Barely There CustomFlex Fit ® Get Cozy Pullover Bra 2-pack

These bras are SO COMFORTABLE. Seriously, I ordered them because I’d read some good reviews from large-busted ladies, but I totally expected to be sending them back (yay free clothing returns)… I mean, no WAY those skimpy things were going to do ANYTHING for me, right?

But I was wrong. A large somehow contains my 32F/FF breasts. Fucking amazing.

Now, I’ll be honest with you–they aren’t magic, and they are only moderately supportive for me with the size breasts I have. And they are also quite thin, so if you live in fear of visible nipples, you’ll need to wear them with a thicker shirt.

And guys, they’re COMFORT bras. If you’re looking for flashy presentation, these are not your bag. But for comfy around-the-house/casual errand (depending on how picky you are about such things) wear, they’re pretty great.

You’ll also notice a bit of a sizing debate going on in the amazon reviews, with some people saying they are sized too large, and some saying they are sized too small. I think the issue is that people are thinking mostly about their cup sizes when picking a size (I’m a C, that’s pretty average, I should be a medium or large, right?) and not factoring in band size. My cup size is ENORMOUS, but my band size is on the small side, so I kind of split the difference (and judged based off of the sizes shared by happy reviewers somewhere in my ballpark), and large worked out. I’d say that if you have a really big band size, you’d want to go bigger than you’d usually guess, and if you have a fairly small band size and a smaller cup size than me, you want smaller than you might guess… a small or medium.

All that said, if you have big breasts AND a big band size, maybe don’t listen to me at all, because you have a whole set of options available to you (the comfy bras designed specifically for “plus-sizes”) that I don’t get to consider…my cup size says I’m plus-sized, but plus-sized brands rarely go below 36-bands and never go down to 32.

And yes, I know, in other countries there is a fashion-world term for people shaped like me–large busted, rather than plus sized–and there are brands devoted to us. And yea, to the degree that I can, I buy from those brands, but they’re expensive generally AND I’ve still found relatively few true “comfort bra” options. And when I’m laying around the house, or when I’m having a particularly sensitive/irritable day where every bra sucks (which tends to happen for a day or two around a certain time of the month)… NO hooks, NO underwire, and NO seams wins every fucking time.

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