Little Dose is moving!

Hey guys!

I told you exciting things were afoot… I’m moving this blog!

It isn’t a huge deal… I’ll still be using wordpress, I’m just hosting it elsewhere and using a installation. I have a hosting account elsewhere for other purposes anyhow, so it just makes sense… this way I can do more with the site without paying for the privilege of customizing things.

What does this mean for you?

Well, not too much at the moment. If you subscribe via email, your subscription is being transferred to the new site. If you follow via facebook, you’ll get notifications of postings from the new site just like you did before, from the same facebook page. If you follow me through’s reader, you will have to make just one tiny change…. click over to and click “follow” at the top, just like you would on any wordpress blog. That’s it!

The new site is a little dull for now… all the same content, but in a default theme. That will change soon, and new content will start posting there by the end of the week. With any luck, there will be new fun things not long after that. So stay tuned!

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