About this blog

 223531_10102201831528898_1637786656_nMy name is Keely. I live in Los Angeles. I’m 26.

This is my personal blog, and when I started it, it was mostly to write about very personal things. I wrote about making the agonizing decision to leave my PhD program with my Master’s degree, about the ways I try to manage my depression-and-anxiety-prone brain, and about leaving an abusive relationship during my first year of graduate school. I also wrote about less-heavy personal things, like what podcasts I listened to, and about not-particularly-personal things, like why the promotion of “Positive Thinking” is harmful.

The stories I told didn’t always paint the most flattering picture of me and my life, but they were true and honest and held value for some of my fellow humans, and that made it worth it for me. After awhile though, my circumstances changed a bit and the super raw, highly personal style didn’t feel right anymore. I didn’t know how to deal with that well, so I posted less  and less until eventually, I went away officially.

As it turns out though, I couldn’t really stay away. At the moment, I’m focusing a bit more on giving my perspective on interesting things I find on the internet, and less on self-reflection, which is somewhat of a departure from my old style, though I suspect I may eventually settle on some sort of balance between pure navel gazing and cultural commentary. The blog is never going to go back to being what it was when I started, as that arose from a rather specific moment in my life, but I hopefully will produce some things of interest now and then.


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  1. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing so much of yourself on this blog. I’m only 18, but I’ve been going through some of the same stuff since I was about 13, and I can tell you that reading your posts and just knowing that there is someone else out there who feels just like I do (and can explain it and deal with it better than I can) is worth more than I can possibly say. Thanks a whole hell of a lot!!

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