a little dose, v2.0

Hello folks!

I know, I know, I said I was done with writing here. I still am, in a sense–for the moment, most of the personal, confessional-ish stuff I’m writing remains not for public consumption, and is either staying locked up in journals or posted anonymously elsewhere. I’m also working writing some more formal essay-ish things which are likewise not ready for viewing by the wider world. 

But after a number of discussions with some lovely people in my life, I realized that a lot of things that I currently write without thinking of them as “writing”, would actually make for content some people may enjoy? By this, I largely mean things I regularly share on my personal facebook page–news, blog posts, and comics related to science, politics, feminism, mental health, relationships–along with my brief or not-so-brief takes on them.  Sometimes I have serious, informative things to say, sometimes I’m snarky, sometimes it’s just “whoa, isn’t this shit cool you guys?”, but in general, people tend to enjoy my mismash of interests and perspective.

So, I’m rebooting A Little Dose, but doing things a bit differently this time around. First, anytime that I write long-ish commentary about something I share on my personal facebook or elsewhere on the internet that I think a larger audience might enjoy, I’ll post that here as well. Secondly, things I share elsewhere with brief commentary or none at all will be rounded up into a link post once a week or so.

If it isn’t what you want from me, I totally understand. This isn’t completely divorced from what I’ve done in the past–a number of my old posts grew out of posts on facebook or other platforms–but I understand that it is still different. I won’t be offended if, after having the new stuff hit your feed for awhile, you decide that you don’t like my new thing and unfollow. 

Eventually, I may toss in some original posts that are more of what you all are accustomed to from me, but for now, this will be the main thing I have on offer. I hope that at least some of you enjoy it. 

I’ve missed you guys.

*jedi hugs*