So yea, Hi!

My name is Keely and I’m biology PhD student living in Los Angeles. I work on parasites, and I love them. I’m fascinated by all infectious disease, and in general in obligatory close relationships between organisms, be they parasitic or symbiotic.

Outside of my primary academic interests, I’m also known to get excited about a variety of other scientific topics, as well as politics and a variety of other things. When you get me going about one of these things, I frequently babble and talk way too fast.  But really, these things fascinate me, and I don’t talk to show off–I enjoy sharing this really cool stuff with other people.

Science/health education and journalism are frequently far from ideal, so many people walk around with mistaken ideas and attitudes about these things, which is tragic!  Not everyone has to do science or even love it like I do, but everyone deserves access to the solid, well-explained scientific facts and principles that are relavent to their lives as well as exposure to the beauty and wonder constantly being uncovered by careful study of the natural world.  And any time I get the chance to share those things with people who are open to or even happy to be receiving them? Well, that pretty much makes my day.

And so this space primarily exists as a new vehicle for doing that. I hope you’ll enjoy coming along for the ride.